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I've recently spent some time revisting Gigadial, and the more I look into it the more I like it. I've set up another channel, blogefl, to keep a record of podcasts and other audio files I come across that are related to blogging / podcasting.

Tonight I've been tagging and downloading some old stuff, but a lot of it is new to me, so I've loaded it onto the Zen so I can listen to it next week on the way to/from work.

The other great thing about Gigadial is its interactivity. Not only can anyone listen to what you're listening too, but people can also leave recommended audio/podcasts too. I've added a button to my sidebar now, so please go ahead if you come across something I should be listening to.

Because of the last feature I mentioned, I still think that setting up channels on Gigadial for different classes is a good idea, and I'll be trying this out when my regular classes start in October. It's also a great idea for a Community of Practice to share listening resources, and I'll be investigating that too.


  1. It´s a great blog. I´ll read it. every day.


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