Je blogue, et vous, vous bloguez? is a presentation that Barbara Dieu gave at Cyberlangues Colloquium in Sao Paolo last Wednesday August 25th. It's a very good introductory presentation (in French) to blogging, and in addition, includes the following links to innovative blogs that can be adapted for language learning:

Buzznet is a sit for photo-blogging. You can see an example of a teacher using it here: Vance Stevens' photoblog

Moblogging is a form ofg blogging by mobile. Again, an example can be seen here:

Audio blogging. Barbara has some examples on her weblog Bee2online

There are other example blogs given on Barabara's presentation, so be sure to check it out.


  1. I attended Barbara Dieu's workshop and it was great! All the participants at Orleans found it very enlightening.

  2. Thank you Graham for referencing it and Claude for your kind comment. The recording (voice, text chat and slides) can be found on the Alado Webheads site or the Cyberlangues Actes du Colloque Page

  3. Thanks Bee for telling me about the presentation - there seems to be a lot more awareness of weblogs and the use that can be made of them in language education, thanks to your efforts and that of others.

    The presentation certainly looked interesting Claude. By-the-way, are you blogging with students too?


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