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Thanks to Stephen Downes for this:

It seems that someone has turned his gmail account
into blog
authoring software

There followed a discussion on Slashdot that caused such a commotion that the gmail blog was turned off, but the author plans to reinstate it once the fuss has died down.

There's a lot of interest related to Google's gmail accounts because of the space they provide for free (1GB), the organisational aspects, search facilities, and akso the anti-spam element. I have been trying out gmail and I am very impressed with it. Unfortunately, it's in a beta (testing) phase and is open to new members by invitation only. However, I have lots of invitations, so if anyone wants one, just leave a comment on this post and I'll send you an invite.


  1. Dear Stephen Downes,

    I would like to have a gmail account to use for a web log with my ESL science class at Roosevelt H.S. in Washington, D.C.

    Would you please send me an invitation for a gmail account? (

    Many thanks,

    Mike Hill
    e-mail address:

  2. Anonymous4:09 pm

    It's yours Mike. I hope you enjoy it


  3. I've only recently started blog experiments (intended to be similarly focussed on EFL topics . . . . yours just discovered today!)

    A _Gmail invitation_ would be very much appreciated indeed.

    Peter Williams, in UK
    Let's keep in touch,

  4. Anonymous12:41 am

    Hi, I would like to get a gmail account, would you please send me an invitation.


  5. Anonymous5:26 am

    You should find gmail invites in your mailboxes!

    Enjoy them


  6. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Can I please have a gmail invite pleaseeeee.... My email id is

    Thanks in advance,

  7. I am looking for a gmail invite for my wife.She is working on an education blog program, her e-mail is

  8. Hi,
    I was wondering why my gmail inbox doesn't have the chat icon, while it had appeared automaticcaly on many of my friends'. Any idea?

  9. if you want a gmail account please send me a mail to . I have some 50 invites left with me. With a gmail account you can accss to a lot of google services. You can create wonderful web pages using google page creator like

    rohins page


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