Friday, July 30, 2004

British Council Bloggers

Finally, blogging has become a popular feature of British Council websites.

After some previous trials, the British Council Glasgow conference for teachers (taking place this week) has four teachers blogging their observations and summaries of the presentations they attend (Sorry, but these sites are only available to British Council staff via their intranet), using typepad. This could become a regular feature of conference events - it's certainly a good way to bring the conference to those teachers who can't attend. It's true there are few comments to the posts on the weblog, but then a lot of teachers will be on holiday at the moment.

I also found out that the Britsh Council community for exisitng students (Global Village, again not available to non-BC staff) is also to introduce weblogs to help improve the participation by students in this site. This is an interesting development as I proposed it when I was taking the excellent e-moderators course in September last year, for British Council Global Village moderators to improve their skills.

How effective these projects are remains to be seen, but the increase in blogging activity is certainly of interest for edu-bloggers who believe using weblogs hold a great deal of promise with both students and teachers.

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