Design change

Bear with me while I play around with the new templates / features that Blogger has on offer - the links section, etc will be back soon...


  1. I have replaced my old commenting system with the new Blogger one. This means that all the old comments have disappeared, but the commenting system should be better in the future.

  2. I was wondering how this comment feature worked...apparently you have to be a member to post here as when I clicked on "comment" I was asked for login name and you cannot have comments from non-members like in Haloscan...bit too restrictive.

  3. However, I like the way they appear directly on the page below the original post. By the way...I have just noticed the link to the Topics Magazine on the right is dead...just to let you know :-)

  4. Hi Bee!

    You're right - I will look and see if Blogger allows anonymous comments, because the message is "This blog does not allow anonymous comments" when you click on the link.

    Thanks for telling me about the dead link.

  5. I was right - on the comments features, you can set the option for 'registered users only' - I have changed this now, so that anyone can post comments.


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