Free Weblog Software for ESL/EFL Classroom Use:

A useful chart comparing different weblog software that teachers might want to use with students, etc.

The tools compared are: Blog-City, Motime, Tabulas, and Xanga. Blogger does not feature here. I have been following the discussion on the TESOL EV ESL Blog group lately and it seems that Blogger does not have a good reputation among teachers as an easy tool to use with classes.

I think this is mainly due to the necessity of having to manipulate HTML code (in the template) if you want to add links, and having to use an outside service for comments or a tag-board. You also need to look for an outside website if you want to post photos.

I think Tabulas seems to be the all-round winner at the moment. When I have time, I'll certainly be trying out these tools myself to see which I prefer. Curiously enough, I have only ever used Blogger with students - I started learning how to blog with Blogger, and it seemed natural to me to use it with students. although it may not be the best option, there are some things I like - the Google Toolbar, for example, with the Blog This! button is a great idea, and makes posting even easier. I don't know if other blogs make use of this feature...


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