Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Using Weblogs in Teaching: Framing It | Kairosnews

Using Weblogs in Teaching: Framing It | Kairosnews: " from my experience last semester, most students don't know how to blog and need very specific tasks to start with... I also found that ...students don't blog at home until they've already gotten into the habit of blogging - but when we started blogging in class for ten minutes or so every time we met a lot more of them blogged regularly at home ...

It took me a long time to realise this, because I took to blogging instantly myself - so did a few of my students but the vast majority need to be helped into the habit.

I also got students to comment on each others posts, and link to each others blogs in class, and this became a habit too - which I now see has been really helpful for them in the last phase of their work. Although they were working independently on their projects, they actually gave each other a lot of feedback through their blogs, which is wonderful!"

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