Using Weblogs in Teaching: Framing It | Kairosnews

Using Weblogs in Teaching: Framing It | Kairosnews: ' I split students into two groups, and had groups post on alternate days. As I framed it, students had to do two things in each post: first, come up with their own topic for discussion, and second, respond to somebody else's post; both components were a part of the grade. This allowed us to get an in-class discussion going focused around what types of topics got what kinds of responses, and what kinds of topics were the most popular in terms of number of responses. (I told them from the outset that the students whose posts prompted the most responses would receive a slightly higher class participation grade, for fostering group discussion.) '

'As for helping students understand what kind of writing task you're giving them, I find that the first questions students ask about writing often have to do with content: what are we writing about? Like Jill, I think it's useful to start out with at least some guidance in terms of topics.'

My comments: It seems as if weblogging could be a good way of promoting learner-centred teaching, if student posts are then used as a basis of discussion in class. I am thinking of using blogging with my undergraduate university students of Tourism next academic year, and this seems like a good way of linking weblogs to class activity.


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