Interviews with Plan Ceibal English Remote Teachers

Last week, we held two more training days for remote teachers working on the Plan Ceibal English project. In Buenos Aires, this was the first training day that the British Council and Plan Ceibal have organised since the project began, and this was followed the day after with the third RT training day in Montevideo. 

On both days, while waiting for the sessions to begin, I interviewed some of the teachers to find out what they thought were the challenges of teaching children English via video conferencing and what they enjoy the most about the project.

Interviews with RTs in Buenos Aires:

Interview with RT Isabel Aurelio from Graham Stanley on Vimeo.

Plan Ceibal English RT Training Day Interviews - Buenos Aires from Graham Stanley on Vimeo.

Interviews with RTs in Montevideo:

Interviews with RTs in Montevideo Sep 2014 from Graham Stanley on Vimeo.

Interview with British Council quality manager Mem from Graham Stanley on Vimeo.

 Read more about the project here 


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