Looking forward to TESOL's annual Electronic Village Online this year, which has just opened its call for participation.

I am giving a session and helping out with the moderating of Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers. Their blog is here and communication between members is taking place on the TEYLT2014 Yahoo Group.

Crafting the ePerfect eTextbook promises to be a very interesting session, so I've signed up for that too. This group is connecting through a Google+ community and is using Listly to share resources and using the Twitter hashtag #EbookEVO. The session syllabus is here and the The list of moderators is extensive and includes many well-known teachers, teacher trainers and material writers. It's being sponsored by the IATEFL TD SIG and IATEFL MaW SIG and aims to help participants "outline, design and complete 1 chapter of an e-textbook that meets their learners' needs ". The moderators and other participants on the session will provide feedback during the five weeks.

The final EVO session I've signed up for is ELT podcasting. I used to do a lot of podcasting, but haven't done so much in recent years. I've decided I'd like to start a new podcast this year, and so through this group, I'm interested in connecting with other podcasters and seeing what's changed and what people are doing. This group has three blogs: a session blog, an activity blog and a readings blog. They are communicating through a Yahoo group and through Twitter (#podcasting2014 is the hashtag).

Are you participating in EVO2014? If so, what sessions have you signed up for?


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