Monday, December 10, 2012

Is this a golden age of innovation?

I've just been reading about the Innovation in Education conference in the UK, where the closing session asked the question 'Is this a "golden" time of curriculum innovation?'

One of the first responses was another question: 'Why are children being taught the way they were 200 years ago - all too often in rows of desks, in large groups in large schools - when advances in technology offer far more stimulating and exciting alternatives?'

Social Think Tank - Dell in Education

It's great these conversations are taking place, and I do think we are now in the middle of a shift that seems to be happening from both the top-down and bottom-up in education. Thinking back to when I started this blog, I remember wondering why there weren't that many educators embracing new media and other exciting developments taking place online. Things have definitely changed, though - as the Think Tank infographic above has captured, there's no longer any more debates on 'if' technology should be used. Now the questions being asked are 'how?' and 'when?'. It's also great to see so many educators from around the world getting involved, and not only using technology in their classes, but documenting what they are doing, and sharing it with other teachers.

The technological innovators though are still in a minority, and I know from conversations I have with people online and at conferences, many teachers and teacher-trainers find it hard-going persuading some of their colleagues of the need for change. Still, the change is happening, however slowly it may be taking place in some schools.

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