Second Life and Language Learning discussions - part 2

Here's the transcript of the second discussion that took place, on Saturday, in Edunation, during the IATEFL Conference :

Background: To demo Second Life at the British Council stand at IATEFL, I (Baldric Commons) had to squeeze into a closet (for various connectivity reasons that aren't worth going into). As I took part in the chat, a small crowd of people would appear, and so I'd come out of the closet to talk to them, and then pop back in to chat with the participants in SL. The chat drew a lot of observers at IATEFL. Kyle Mawer (Frank Spearmann), my colleague, was in an Internet cafe in the centre of Aberdeen, and he also drew a crowd of interested onlookers - many people in the cafe who'd seen Second Life on TV and wanted to know what it was all about.

[2:35] A group member named Baldric Commons gave you EduNation - An Education Island , EduNation (96, 215, 22)
[2:37] Fim Fischer: Hi! Frank
[2:38] Baldric Commons: hi frank
[2:38] Frank Spearmann: hi baldric
[2:38] Frank Spearmann: Hey!
[2:38] Baldric Commons: I am in the closet at the British Council stand at IATEFL
[2:38] Baldric Commons: Hi Dennis
[2:38] Kita Coage: hello Frank
[2:38] Osnacantab Nesterov: Hi one and all. I am only virtual. No haggis for me.
[2:38] Kita Coage: now what is IATEFL
[2:39] Frank Spearmann: we've always suspected. Was it the gay gordons last night?
[2:39] Baldric Commons: you don't know what you're missing, Dennis
[2:39] Osnacantab Nesterov: I do, ut my bank manager was unhelpful.
[2:39] Baldric Commons: IATEFL is the largest teacher organisation in the UK for ELT
[2:39] Baldric Commons: what do you teach, Kita?
[2:40] Frank Spearmann: have you got a crowd there?
[2:40] Osnacantab Nesterov: I joined (I)ATEFL in its first year of existence.
[2:41] Baldric Commons: wow, dennis - that was 41 years ago
[2:41] Osnacantab Nesterov: Look, you seated ones. It is a right click for gettings rears on chairs, isn't it?
[2:41] Baldric Commons: did you go to the first conference?
[2:41] Frank Spearmann: right and sit here
[2:41] Kita Coage: I'm an elementary teacher in norway, which means i can teach from grade 1 - 10 in all subjects, but now I work at a school - welding school , were students are in 11 - 12 grade, and I do ict classes, norwegian and english - and welding
[2:41] Baldric Commons: that's right, Dennis
[2:42] Kita Coage: but looking for a job at the moment
[2:42] Baldric Commons: welding and English, kita?
[2:42] Osnacantab Nesterov: I didn't attend the first conference, and I have been a member on and off - not the whole period.
[2:42] Baldric Commons: are you teaching at the English village in Second Life?
[2:42] Kita Coage: yes - as a substitute, I used to be a shieldworker
[2:42] Frank Spearmann: I work for a British Council young learner centre in Spain
[2:42] Kita Coage: me - no
[2:43] Baldric Commons: that's me too - I am ICT coordinator and teacher at the Barcelona Young Learner Centre
[2:43] Baldric Commons: here comes Chris
[2:43] Frank Spearmann: nice to see you dropping in chris
[2:43] Chris Eggplant: hiya everyone
[2:43] Kita Coage: was there just now this morning for the first time, didnt get to see much before I got the message of this meeting and teleported here
[2:44] Kita Coage: hi chris
[2:44] Baldric Commons: chris, are you wearing your fab t-shirt?
[2:44] Chris Eggplant: Hiya everyone - t-shirt - yes - Unfortunately only last week I realised what was on it! But hey - I'm small, green and ugly so what the heck :o)
[2:45] Chris Eggplant: so what's the gossip then!
[2:45] Frank Spearmann: so what,s on the agenda for today then?
[2:45] Frank Spearmann: formal informal register there
[2:46] Baldric Commons: Frank, could you lead the discussion?

[2:46] Frank Spearmann: well . . .
[2:46] Baldric Commons: I have to speak to some real life people (lol) here at the stand, to explain what is happening
[2:46] Osnacantab Nesterov: Sorry for walking on the table..."Sit here" only occasikonally appears when I right click. But let's eave that topic. Dennis Newson, retired, formerly University of Osnabrueck, Germany. Hi.
[2:46] Frank Spearmann: we were having a great chat last niight about uses of SL for education
[2:46] Frank Spearmann: is that going on the moodle baldric?
[2:47] Kita Coage: that chat made me realize the potensial sl have in learning
[2:47] Frank Spearmann: I see from Chris,s profile that he,s very interested in community based education and social inclusion
[2:48] Frank Spearmann: I'd like to know if he has anything to say on that
[2:49] Chris Eggplant: well interesting - most of my 'educational' career has been with very informal education, often with those most disenfranchised from the formal educational 'establishment'. I have also been leading in Becta on how technology can support the personalisation of learning and obviously SL has some huge opportunities - my only real issue at the moment is the technology requirments for both learners and staff etc.
[2:50] Chris Eggplant: I am just now putting together a space to think more about how the 'informality' and 'skills' required in SL could be adopted as perhaps SL's first 'qualification framework'.
[2:51] Frank Spearmann: hi geolder
[2:51] GEOELDER Clary: hello
[2:51] Osnacantab Nesterov: Do you see SL as playing just a supplementary role in language learning, or could languages be learned on SL?
[2:51] Kita Coage: hello Geoelder
[2:52] Frank Spearmann: perhaps to fill up the 'dead air' abit we can introduce ourselves
[2:52] GEOELDER Clary: Kita, good to see you.
[2:52] Kita Coage: you too :O)
[2:52] Frank Spearmann: in between talking that is
[2:52] Osnacantab Nesterov: OK. Dennis - an Englishman from Germany
[2:52] Kita Coage: brb - daughter assistance .O)
[2:53] Frank Spearmann: Hi, teach English to young learners in Barcelona and also setting up an island through the British Council on the teen grid
[2:53] GEOELDER Clary: I am interested in the immersive nature of language learning in SL. I work as an online teacher at an cyber language institute. I from the USA, but live in Costa Rica, America Central.
[2:54] Chris Eggplant: Hiya -- I guess to some extent I am the odd one out. My profile says more, but basically I am working across curriculum, primarily within Post 16 sector and specifically looking at how technology can support leraning and teaching
[2:55] Frank Spearmann: Costa Rica great! camped at the base of an active volcano there.
[2:55] GEOELDER Clary: Nice to meet you all.
[2:55] Frank Spearmann: How long have you all been in SL?
[2:56] GEOELDER Clary: Grea! the volcanos have been even more active recently.
[2:56] GEOELDER Clary: A few months now.
[2:56] Frank Spearmann: I'm celebrating a year
[2:56] Frank Spearmann: How busy are you all here?
[2:56] Mabel Steinhoff: thank you
[2:57] Frank Spearmann: hi mabel
[2:57] Chris Eggplant: come and have a seat!
[2:57] GEOELDER Clary: I spend time inworld, but really just looking around and playing.
[2:57] GEOELDER Clary: Hello
[2:57] Mabel Steinhoff: hi, everybody, sorry to be late
[2:57] Baldric Commons: hi Rita
[2:57] Mabel Steinhoff: hi, Graham
[2:57] Frank Spearmann: To what extent has your play been educational geoelder?
[2:58] Frank Spearmann: Hey!
[2:58] GEOELDER Clary: Some what . A lot of looking around thinking about how these different places could be used as educational tools.
[2:59] Frank Spearmann: and what conclusions have you arrived at?
[2:59] GEOELDER Clary: Hold on a moment. I am afraid I have a call.
[3:00] Baldric Commons: have any of you tried to teach or learn languages in SL?
[3:00] Mabel Steinhoff: that would be interesting to see
[3:00] Osnacantab Nesterov: I have tried to find someone teching language on SL, but have not been successful.
[3:00] Baldric Commons: or do any of you have strong opinions, either for or against about the
effectiveness of this?
[3:00] Baldric Commons: hi Elf, come and join us
[3:01] Lyr Lobo smiles
[3:01] Frank Spearmann: come and sit down lyr
[3:01] Lyr Lobo: hello baldric...Frank..everyone
[3:01] Kita Coage: hello Lyr
[3:01] Baldric Commons: Dennis, I think we are going to see an explosion of language teaching and learning here soon
[3:01] Chris Eggplant: hiya
[3:01] Lyr Lobo: i saw an instructor outside the main building..was not sure if the last seat was for her *smiles*
[3:01] Baldric Commons: hi Lyr (sorry - I just called you Elf)
[3:01] Lyr Lobo: that's ok *grins*
[3:02] Lyr Lobo: ii was at an elven fundraiser for Relay for life
[3:02] Osnacantab Nesterov: That's good, Baldric.
[3:02] Chris Eggplant: I think you are right Baldric - it does seem that there are a lot of people on a steep learning curve with SL 'preparing' the way and getting their own 'heads' straight on how it could be use.
[3:02] GEOELDER Clary: Well, without sound, I feel language learning is very limited, but I do spend time in world in the Spanish speaking community which is in a way learning language.
[3:02] Mabel Steinhoff: not that I have strong opinions for or against SL instruction, I'd like to
see a class to have a better understanding myself
[3:02] Baldric Commons: relay for life, that was a very interesting event I'm sure
[3:02] Lyr Lobo: cancer research *smiles*
[3:02] GEOELDER Clary: I am really looking forward to the addition of sound.
[3:02] Lyr Lobo: we raised over $41,000 US dollars last year in Second Life
[3:02] Mabel Steinhoff: Skype is not working ?
[3:02] Baldric Commons: yes, Mabel, there are classes going on that you can observe at the English Village
[3:03] Frank Spearmann: wow congrats

[3:03] Lyr Lobo smiels
[3:03] GEOELDER Clary: Yes, it works, but not many people use it.
[3:03] Lyr Lobo: hundreds of wonderful folks help out
[3:03] Baldric Commons: I too think that integrated voice will make SL a much better tool for language learning
[3:03] Osnacantab Nesterov: Baldric, you mentioned last night that there would be integrated sound in SL in Jujne/July. Is that correct?
[3:03] Lyr Lobo: hmm, at the English village?
[3:03] Baldric Commons: that's right, Dennis - it has been promised in June or July
[3:04] Lyr Lobo: the spatialized sound currently in beta testing sounds great.... 20 voices, all clear....not unlike crowd sounds, moving around your body
[3:04] Baldric Commons: it will work in the same way as chat does I think
[3:04] Baldric Commons: have you tried it out, Lyr?
[3:04] Chris Eggplant: but will it be able to be used by a large percentage of residents - purely thinking of bandwidth issues and whether it will become the new chaos as to some extent chat is now?
[3:04] Baldric Commons: can anyone try it?
[3:04] Lyr Lobo: in beta, a green wavelength bar appears above the speakers head, but a smaller symbol will be used in implementation, I am told
[3:04] Lyr Lobo: yes
[3:04] Lyr Lobo: I love it
[3:04] Baldric Commons: sounds wonderful - how do we get involved?
[3:05] Frank Spearmann: I think social norms will adapt to problems
[3:05] Lyr Lobo: well it requires a beta client of a different sort..the NMC folks... coordinated one test and spaceport alpha participated
[3:05] Lyr Lobo: both sites were copied to a special server, I think
[3:05] Baldric Commons: I'm sure some diehard SL residents will also choose not to use it
[3:05] Frank Spearmann: I was thinking of passing the conch (lord of the flies)
[3:05] Lyr Lobo: I'll get the name for you of yourcontact
[3:05] Lyr Lobo grins
[3:05] GEOELDER Clary: I think if you look in the Linden blog you will see some instructions on how to use it on the beta grid.
[3:05] Baldric Commons: thanks, I appreiate it
[3:06] Baldric Commons: Would the people who haven't already done so like to introduce themselves?
[3:06] You: Lyr you are a game designer in SL, are you thinking of using those skills for educational purposes?
[3:06] Osnacantab Nesterov: Baldric. What about Ventrilo. Does that work here?
[3:06] Baldric Commons: I'll be posting this chat later to a Moodle site for the conference, and it'd be nice to have everyone's details
[3:06] Baldric Commons: Lyr, have you worked on any language learning games?
[3:07] GEOELDER Clary: Hmm... I have used all of the second life sound features, but have not had too much time using them since there are not that many people around using them. I have second life talk, but I do not think I have ever used it inworld since no one I have meet has it also.
[3:08] Baldric Commons: good point, Geoelder
[3:08] Lyr Lobo: hmm I helped with Fire Centaur's roleplaying scavenger hunt
[3:09] Chris Eggplant: in Education UK, we have set up ventrillo and each space - has its own 'channel'. This means that, for example 'classroom 1' has a classroom 1 channel - which is password so only those in the class can communicate and we don't end up with the cast of Ben Hur trying to get in!
[3:09] Baldric Commons: I see, Lyr
[3:09] Lyr Lobo: at the English village...and I helped with Of Mice and Men..the enactment of the Steinbook book on Ramapo..the teen grid
[3:09] Lyr Lobo: with 100 8th graders
[3:09] Baldric Commons: we are startuing to commission people to write language learning games for the British Council, Lyr
[3:09] Lyr Lobo: excellent *smiles*
[3:09] You have offered friendship to Lyr Lobo
[3:09] Baldric Commons: I'd love to chat to you about this sometime later
[3:10] Lyr Lobo: I gave fire some of my robot resources that I wrote
[3:10] Lyr Lobo: sure
[3:10] Lyr Lobo is Online
[3:10] Lyr Lobo smiles
[3:10] Baldric Commons: great
[3:10] Chris Eggplant: are there not already a wealth of 'content' out there that can be contextualisd for SL - for example resource banks like
[3:10] Lyr Lobo: I teach computer science and usability... in SL, but am interested in all subjects, including language studies *smiles*
[3:10] Lyr Lobo listens to the group
[3:11] Chris Eggplant: Hiya susan
[3:11] Baldric Commons: welcome, Susan!
[3:11] Lyr Lobo: by content, what kind do you mean in particular, chris?
[3:11] Lyr Lobo: hello Susan *smiles*
[3:11] susan Williams: hi there veryone
[3:11] Baldric Commons: would you like to sit down?
[3:11] susan Williams: please
[3:11] Kita Coage: hello susan
[3:11] Baldric Commons: As a gentleman, I'd be happy to give you my chair
[3:11] GEOELDER Clary: Could you tell me a little about the games you have developed, Lyr.
[3:11] Kunika Yoshikawa: thank you for join me
[3:11] susan Williams: no its fine baldric
[3:12] Baldric Commons: please take a seat
[3:12] GEOELDER Clary: hello, susan
[3:12] Baldric Commons: you look tired - must have been all that teleporting
[3:12] susan Williams: hi everyone
[3:12] Frank Spearmann: hi susan
[3:12] Kunika Yoshikawa: mai take your seat?
[3:12] Chris Eggplant: well, the use of technology to support language learning already exists and teachers have created many materials. I am sure that there is already content that can be translated and re-contextualised. - basically do we need to comission new content - or just contextualise existing - pedagogically sound content
[3:12] Baldric Commons: please do, kunika
[3:12] Frank Spearmann: could you introduce yourself to the group
[3:12] Kunika Yoshikawa: thanks
[3:12] Baldric Commons: that is a good point, Chris
[3:12] Lyr Lobo: hmm, well a maze game (my software design class did), and another planned a world domination game... and a series of amusement park attractions (not a game, but a nice set of what students can do in 5 weeks)
[3:12] You: hi kunika
[3:12] Kunika Yoshikawa: ok
[3:12] Lyr Lobo: hello Kunika
[3:13] Lyr Lobo smiles
[3:13] Kunika Yoshikawa: i can hear about talking
[3:13] Mabel Steinhoff: well, maybe I should
introduce myself, ... I'm Mabel in SL, Rita in FL, from Argentina, EFL teacher
[3:14] Baldric Commons: wow, what was that?
[3:14] Kunika Yoshikawa: english a little .. sorry
[3:14] Lyr Lobo: hehe sorry, my hot air balloon
[3:14] Baldric Commons: that's ok, kunika
[3:14] Lyr Lobo: wrote one and used my seat in it
[3:14] Kunika Yoshikawa: (^^v
[3:14] GEOELDER Clary: I have tried to get up an sit on the floor to allow others to sit on the seats but that does not seem possible.
[3:14] Baldric Commons: are you learning English in Second Life?

[3:14] GEOELDER Clary: Lyr, the games sound really interesting.
[3:15] Lyr Lobo: those ideas were designed by students... I just guide and weave the course concepts into them *grins* backing into the instruction
[3:15] Chris Eggplant: In terms of language learning
materials - we are working on the concept of 'Virtual Quests'. Basically, moving the idea of Bernie Dodge's webquests into SL. One example for language learning could well be 'shopping in the mall' and buy stuff. Am just writing stuff and will be available shortly etc
[3:15] Lyr Lobo: while they go thru the process of designing them
[3:15] Frank Spearmann: Interesting how people follow RL conventions in SL
[3:15] Lyr Lobo: quests are great
[3:15] Kita Coage: Baldric may I ask you how you get your picture in the profile - RF
[3:15] susan Williams: very Franksk
[3:15] Baldric Commons: Chris, that sounds excellent
[3:15] Baldric Commons: yes, kita
[3:16] Baldric Commons: you need to upload a jpg image from the file menu
[3:16] susan Williams: Someone last night was mentionin something relarted Baldric
[3:16] Chris Eggplant: will have something detailed in next week
[3:16] Frank Spearmann: I hear role playing is used here in language learning. Anyone know any more?
[3:16] susan Williams: on using treasure hunmts
[3:16] Baldric Commons: then you can drag it onto your profile
[3:16] GEOELDER Clary: Chis, those are the type of activities I have been thinking about.
[3:16] Lyr Lobo smiles
[3:16] susan Williams: but I think Chris' idea of applyiong webquest structure is potentially more interesting
[3:16] You: really?
[3:16] Lyr Lobo: just walk to wheree you want to sit, baldric
[3:16] Kita Coage: ok - I'll try that
[3:16] Baldric Commons: thanks lyr
[3:17] Chris Eggplant: well - I already developed a WebQuest toolkit at: - will be translating into SL
[3:17] Baldric Commons: that's great
[3:17] Mabel Steinhoff: I like the idea of Webquests, the environmnet allows for lots of possibilities
[3:17] Lyr Lobo: yes
[3:18] Chris Eggplant: susan - and lets not forget that the pedagogy should lead the technology and not the other way around
[3:18] Mabel Steinhoff: true, Chris!
[3:18] susan Williams: Its important I think to exploit the potentail of the new environment rather than replicate practices from RL teaching
[3:18] Kita Coage: oh I see, that costs money
[3:18] Osnacantab Nesterov: Webquests in SL sounds an exciting idea. You could hide clues all over SL.
[3:18] Baldric Commons: this is a very important point, Chris
[3:19] Baldric Commons: one that is easy to forget if we get dazzled by technology
[3:19] Chris Eggplant: exactly Osnacantab - am half way developing one call 'learning spaces'
[3:19] GEOELDER Clary: But at the same time, technology might open learning spaces not thought of by those less technological evolved.
[3:19] Chris Eggplant: will release in next week or so - and will have details etc on eductation UK
[3:19] Mabel Steinhoff: will you bring it here, Chris?
[3:20] Kunika Yoshikawa: discussion ?
[3:20] Chris Eggplant: Geoelder - definately - and that is where SL comes in! Lets have a learning space in a Sauna - you would find it hard to replicate in RL - but in SL - what a breeze and very infromal
[3:20] You: yes kunika
[3:21] Kunika Yoshikawa: ok
[3:21] Chris Eggplant: Mable - yes - will get it out widel when finished
[3:21] susan Williams: I think the potential of virtual quests is in some ways more exciting than that of simultations
[3:21] You: on language learning in SL, feel free to join in
[3:21] Kunika Yoshikawa: how about talking?
[3:21] Chris Eggplant: will also launch it at the may
[3:21] susan Williams: simultaion development requires either cost or specialist expertise
[3:21] Osnacantab Nesterov: Or a Jakuzzi. Every time you solve a clue you must take a photo of where you found it.
[3:22] susan Williams: whereas virtual qyuests could be designed and built by practitioners at all stages of technical expertise
[3:22] Chris Eggplant: yes! exaclty - that's the spirit eveyone - glass of wine all around!!!!!!!!!!!!
[3:22] susan Williams: and by learners for their peers
[3:22] Lyr Lobo grins
[3:22] Chris Eggplant: distruptive pupil
[3:22] Chris Eggplant: :o)
[3:23] Mabel Steinhoff: lol
[3:24] Chris Eggplant: right - I must do a runner - food shopping calls :o(. Will get the Virtual Quests written up by end of next week and will have at least one sample for y'awl
[3:24] GEOELDER Clary: I also think that simple things like field trips can be fun.
[3:24] Lyr Lobo: sounds lovely
[3:24] Mabel Steinhoff: will we get to know somehow, Chris?
[3:24] Osnacantab Nesterov: As someone said earlier, or implied, we, the tutors, educators whatever need to get to know SL as it is very well. I still cannot walk properly or sit down reliably. We culd do with an educational tour of the island.
[3:25] Frank Spearmann: how do people here address sceptics in RL of SL?
[3:25] Baldric Commons: great you could join us, Chris
[3:25] Kunika Yoshikawa: glass of wine?
[3:25] GEOELDER Clary: There are interesting museums to visit with plenty to stimulate speaking.
[3:25] Kunika Yoshikawa: i saw in my land
[3:25] Chris Eggplant: yes [Mabel] - will use Graham [Baldric] as a conduit for dissemination and webheads group etc etc
[3:26] Kunika Yoshikawa: very small ...
[3:26] Osnacantab Nesterov: Convincing people of the potential of SL is very difficult indeed.

[3:26] Mabel Steinhoff: love the idea of using "museums", Goelder
[3:26] Baldric Commons: would you like to do a chat about this siometime chris?
[3:26] Mabel Steinhoff: thanks, Chris
[3:26] Baldric Commons: the virtuaol quests I mean
[3:26] Baldric Commons: for the webheads
[3:27] Chris Eggplant: yes Baldric - ok bye bye for now
[3:27] Lyr Lobo: bye Chris
[3:27] Baldric Commons: the potential for using exisiting areas of SL for field trips and building
tasks around this is very interesting
[3:27] Baldric Commons: bye chris
[3:27] You: bye chris
[3:27] Mabel Steinhoff: bye, Chris
[3:27] You: oops too late
[3:27] Kunika Yoshikawa: see you
[3:28] You: hi misha
[3:28] Baldric Commons: it's coffee break here at the conference in Aberdeen
[3:28] Misha Writer: hi - have I missed it?
[3:28] Baldric Commons: lots of people are starting to mill around
[3:28] Osnacantab Nesterov: Bye for now. Some
stimulating ideas th think through. Thak you all.
[3:28] Mabel Steinhoff: bye, Dennis!
[3:28] Baldric Commons: we can continue for a while longer if you like
[3:28] Lyr Lobo: bye Oscnacantab
[3:28] Baldric Commons: bye Dennis
[3:29] Flight Band: All Go
[3:29] Misha Writer: no, doesn't matter, not just for me - but will there be a transcript of last night & this morning?
[3:29] GEOELDER Clary: I froze
[3:29] Baldric Commons: yes, there will - I am going to post transcripts in the IATEFL Moodle
[3:29] Mabel Steinhoff: sorry I coudnt attend yesterday, got my message, Baldric?
[3:29] Baldric Commons: or I can email you them if you like, Misha
[3:30] Frank Spearmann: has anyone got a coffee drinking HUD mine seems not to be working
[3:30] GEOELDER Clary: Is IATEFL another list serve in SL?
[3:30] Lyr Lobo: not a hud, but a cup you can drink
[3:30] Mabel Steinhoff: I like the idea of Fied Trips and Webquests here..., very appropriate
[3:31] susan Williams: Can I just say
[3:31] susan Williams: Chr5is and I have arranged a virtual quest space in education UK
[3:31] Misha Writer: Baldric - email would be good - perhaps I could use some of it in an e-learning seminar next week
[3:31] susan Williams: and intend to invite everyone for and informal conference ion the next couple of weeks
[3:32] Mabel Steinhoff: good, susan
[3:32] susan Williams: to look at what has been
created and stimultae discussion around virtual quests
[3:32] susan Williams: would anyone be interested in attending
[3:32] susan Williams: we will post to webheads
[3:32] Baldric Commons: I am just going to go away for a wee while
[3:33] Frank Spearmann: ok baldric
[3:33] Baldric Commons: I won't close sl down, but won't be able to talk for about 5 mins
[3:33] Lyr Lobo gave you Beach Coffee with Steam.
[3:33] Misha Writer: Susan - yes pls - sounds interesting - what woiuld the quest consist of?
[3:33] Hot Coffee whispers: Ahhhhh, nice and hot too!
[3:33] Mabel Steinhoff: ok, people, will be waiting for news, bye for now
[3:33] Frank Spearmann: thanks lyr
[3:33] susan Williams: well we are creating two separately
[3:33] Lyr Lobo: you are most welcome
[3:33] Cup of Coffee whispers: Mmm... delicious fresh brewed coffee.
[3:33] susan Williams: we have created a template for anyone to use
[3:33] Frank Spearmann: I'm actually in an internet cafe in aberdeen and I'm attracting a bit of attention
[3:33] Lyr Lobo gave you Cup of Coffee.
[3:33] susan Williams: and I am creating one on Physisvs of spaceflight
[3:33] Lyr Lobo gave you Hot Coffee.
[3:34] Lyr Lobo gave you Topeka Coffee mug.
[3:34] susan Williams: Chris is creating one on learning spaces
[3:34] Mabel Steinhoff: bye, all
[3:34] Lyr Lobo: that's great
[3:34] Misha Writer: Frank - I should think you would, dressed like tjat ...
[3:34] Lyr Lobo: *smiles*
[3:34] Lyr Lobo: bye Mabel
[3:34] Coffee whispers: aahh coffee
[3:34] susan Williams: and I may ask a colleague to create one on learning english
[3:34] Kunika Yoshikawa: i can not drink ... alcohol
[3:35] susan Williams: so the purpose of the virtual gathering /conference
[3:35] susan Williams: would be to look at each of these as models
[3:35] Misha Writer: Susan - what would a quest consist of?
[3:35] susan Williams: try them out and stimulate others to create their own virtual quests
[3:35] susan Williams: task
[3:35] Cup Of Green Tea whispers: Ah! Steaming Green Tea!
[3:35] susan Williams: process
[3:35] GEOELDER Clary: Are people planning on attending the inworld conference on Best Practices?
[3:35] susan Williams: output
[3:35] susan Williams: evaluation
[3:36] Lyr Lobo: would anyone like a beverage?
[3:36] Baldric Commons is Offline
[3:36] You: sounds very interesting
[3:36] Lyr Lobo: yes it does
[3:36] Kunika Yoshikawa: thank you for cup of tea
[3:36] Lyr Lobo: you are most welcome *smiles*
[3:36] susan Williams: well if youre all on webheads group we will econtact everyone through that
[3:36] susan Williams: if not
[3:36] Kunika Yoshikawa: (^^v
[3:36] susan Williams: i can let people know individually
[3:37] GEOELDER Clary: I best join Webheads.
[3:37] susan Williams: ok Id better go now
[3:37] Misha Writer: can you email me when you've got the details?
[3:37] You: we should definitely feedback on these projects
[3:37] susan Williams: if anyone does want to contact me separately
[3:37] Kunika Yoshikawa: ok see you
[3:37] You have offered friendship to susan Williams
[3:37] susan Williams: email is
[3:38] susan Williams: Its been great talking to all of you
[3:38] Baldric Commons is Online
[3:38] Misha Writer: thanks susan - I'll email you
now before I forget!
[3:38] susan Williams: have fun for the rest of the session
[3:38] susan Williams: ok misha
[3:38] Kunika Yoshikawa: exactry .. simple is best ithink so
[3:38] Lyr Lobo: bye Susan
[3:38] Frank Spearmann: on these quests? treasure hunts, how would you use audio and text?
[3:38] susan Williams: hopwe to see you all at the virtual quest meeting
[3:38] susan Williams: frank
[3:39] susan Williams: we had anticipated using tese olly if the quest was a collaborative one
[3:39] GEOELDER Clary: I am going to have to leave. I have to resolve if I am actually teaching at five CA time.
[3:39] You: would there be a prize? reward other than the task itself?
[3:39] GEOELDER Clary: I appreciate meeting everyone.
[3:39] susan Williams: so we intend to create a couple of different types as well as different
subjects for demonstration
[3:39] Kita Coage: bye geo :O)
[3:39] susan Williams: so communication tools are used between tutor and group at start then between members of quest group
[3:40] susan Williams: could be
[3:40] GEOELDER Clary: Susan, and is the bewwt way to find out about them through webheadS?
[3:40] You: bye
[3:40] susan Williams: probably
[3:40] GEOELDER Clary: Hope to see you again Kita.
[3:40] susan Williams: but as I said, if you want me to email you individually please do contact me
[3:40] Kunika Yoshikawa: try and error is learnig way ...
[3:40] Kita Coage: yes - next time online maybe
[3:40] GEOELDER Clary: could I have the email again. It got by me.
[3:41] susan Williams:
[3:41] susan Williams: or IM in 2nd life
[3:41] susan Williams: ok I have to go
[3:41] Frank Spearmann: what do people here hope to learn from these sessions here? just out of curiosity
[3:41] susan Williams: Baldric
[3:41] susan Williams: many thabnks for the invite
[3:41] susan Williams: see you soon
[3:41] GEOELDER Clary: Good bye everyone!
[3:41] susan Williams: bye
[3:41] Lyr Lobo: bye *smiles*
[3:41] GEOELDER Clary: Hope to run into you all inworld.
[3:41] Kita Coage: bye susan
[3:42] susan Williams is Offline
[3:43] Kunika Yoshikawa: see you
[3:43] Misha Writer: Frank - I'm hoping to get an idea of how people think the SL environment can be used in Language Learning - approaches, activities ..
[3:43] Lyr Lobo: definitely
[3:44] Kunika Yoshikawa: babbler?
[3:44] You: besides building a community of english speakers how do people see that being achieved?
[3:44] Kita Coage: sorry for not being very
contributive in the conversation, I'm just sucking in everything .O)
[3:45] Kunika Yoshikawa: say word ... it' simple like me
[3:45] Lyr Lobo: do you mean class activities and approaches or for researching new ways to teach languages?
[3:45] Lyr Lobo: for class activities, SL is a natural way to interact, communicate, write, even
speak over skype with visuals here
[3:45] Lyr Lobo: gesture, animation... interaction
[3:45] You: I think research comes from events like these
[3:45] Lyr Lobo: hello Annie
[3:45] Kunika Yoshikawa: learning Launguage ...
[3:45] You: hi annie
[3:46] Lyr Lobo: I am sorry... I need to leave
[3:46] Lyr Lobo: pardon me... I must dash... 4:44 am here... *smiles*
[3:46] Annie Sani: sorry for my lateness
[3:46] Lyr Lobo: have a lovely day *smiles*
[3:46] Kita Coage: thanks Lyr
[3:46] Lyr Lobo grins and waves
[3:46] Kita Coage: you too
[3:46] Misha Writer: bye Lyr - continue conversation another time
[3:47] Frank Spearmann: I think quests are a good way
[3:47] Frank Spearmann: community
[3:47] Frank Spearmann: teaching SL skill sets in English
[3:48] Frank Spearmann: how would grammar be approached
[3:48] Frank Spearmann: just on the spot correction or perhaps something more game like
[3:49] Frank Spearmann: inventory sorting could be a vocabulary task
[3:49] Misha Writer: I also wonder whether it's feasible to set up role play activities - that
students could dip in and out of - but many questions as to how this could be done
[3:49] Frank Spearmann: notecard role cards
[3:49] Frank Spearmann: if someone left the roleplay and someone else TPed in
[3:50] Frank Spearmann: then another player could cut and paste chat history
[3:50] Frank Spearmann: hey presto a reading
[3:51] Misha Writer: Baldric - are you shooting at me?
[3:51] Kunika Yoshikawa: ok
[3:51] Baldric Commons: sorry, Misha
[3:52] Baldric Commons: just showing someone here some facilities
[3:52] Kunika Yoshikawa: imust go home ... see you aain nice meeting
[3:52] Baldric Commons: Frank, can you email me this transcript?
[3:52] You: how about mini presentations on notecards?
[3:52] Kita Coage: bye Kunika
[3:52] Baldric Commons: to
[3:52] Baldric Commons: when we finish
[3:52] Kunika Yoshikawa: thank youvery much
[3:52] Baldric Commons: I have just realised I didn't save it when I logged out
[3:52] You: yep on it baldric
[3:52] Baldric Commons: thanks
[3:53] Kita Coage: how can you save the chat?
[3:53] Misha Writer: question - can I save a transcript myself?
[3:53] Misha Writer: same question!!
[3:53] Kunika Yoshikawa: arigatou gozimashita
[3:54] You: I think having a set of notecards with explanations using graphics (timelines etc) could be useful
[3:54] Yenamous Boa: hello everyone
[3:54] Baldric Commons: kita, in preferences, you can turn on 'chat log'
[3:54] Kunika Yoshikawa: thank you verry much
[3:54] Baldric Commons: or you can copy and paste from the 'history' tab
[3:54] Misha Writer: where do you pick up the chat log?
[3:54] Baldric Commons: I think I am going to have to go now folks
[3:55] Kita Coage: thanx Baldric
[3:55] Baldric Commons: there's another session here starting soon
[3:55] Frank Spearmann: ok
[3:55] Yenamous Boa: at what time ?
[3:55] Baldric Commons: great to meet you all here
today, and it was a very interesting chat
[3:55] Frank Spearmann: I'm going to go and see baldric in RL
[3:55] Baldric Commons: in 15 minutes I think
[3:55] Misha Writer: thanks for setting it up - been v useful
[3:56] Frank Spearmann: I just look for someone who looks like your avatar, right?
[3:56] Baldric Commons: a pleasure, Misha
[3:56] Misha Writer: bye all
[3:56] Baldric Commons: that's right, Frank

[3:56] Baldric Commons: lol
[3:56] Frank Spearmann: great
[3:56] Baldric Commons: well, folks, bye for now
[3:56] Baldric Commons: see you again in SL I hope
[3:56] Yenamous Boa: that like a needle in a hay stack
[3:56] Yenamous Boa: lol
[3:56] Baldric Commons is Offline
[3:56] You: the sandals will be a dead giveaway baldric
[3:56] You: bye all
[3:57] Yenamous Boa: bye frank


    I am a journalist, writing a story in Costa Rica on SL and would like to interview you.

    Please contact me at ASAP.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi wa roff - I passed your details onto Geolder, so I hope he got in touch


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