Thankyou Manolo!

I really didn't think I'd be able to do this.

Spending Christmas in a small Galician town and knowing that my future mother in law has no computer,I thought it impossible that I'd be ble to check my email or blog.

But here I am blogging as I kill time waiting for that traditional Christmas lunch,thanks to my new toy,the PSP and a wifi connection courtesy of an unsuspecting neighbour called Manolo

I wanted the PSP mainly for another reason (I write a page about computer games in a Spanish magazine)


  1. Sacré Manolo! I wish I had a Manolo next door in the countryside where I have to fight withdrawal symptoms!
    Have a wonderfully connected 2006 with no cold turkeys!
    Hugs from Brazil,
    PS.: Christophe should be arriving on 2nd January. I´ll ask him to give you a call.

  2. Unfortunately, we spent the rest of the time in Santiago de Compostela and on the "Coast of the Dead", where it was more difficult to find a connection we could use. On the "Coast of the Dead" there was hardly any mobile coverage.

    Hope your New Year was wonderful Bee! Looking forward to meeting Christophe, but I'll be away until the 9th January (in the UK) - hope I still catch him.


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