Sunday, January 31, 2010

APLaNet - Exciting New Professional Development Opportunity for Language Teachers

APLANet is a new European Union project proposal which aims to help language teachers to develop their own Personal Learning Network (PLN) .

We are looking for two types of people/organisations at the moment: 

  1. Educators who are skilled in using social networking tools and who would be interested in helping other teachers create their own Personal Learning Network using tools such asTwitter, Facebook, Ning, etc.
  2. Teachers who would like to build their own PLN and would be interested in being mentored, piloting materials, etc. as part of  their professional development.

Both of these would be recognised on the project documents as 'Associate Partners' (EU project trerminology which sounds more formal than it actually is) and would receive recognition in the form of a certificate of participation as well as a great opportunity to form part of an exciting new community of language professionals.

Think you're interested? Or know of anyone who may be interested? Read more about it below and download and return the document (link at the end of this post)

Autonomous ‘Personal Learning Networks’ for Language Teachers (APLaNet) 

For Language Educators and Users of Internet Language Resources.

The APLaNet project will be showing and helping language educators how to join existing and create their own Personal Learning Networks (PLN) on existing social networks. The project will show you how to join and use the resources that are daily being created, shared, tested and talked about.

Using a PLN language educators will be able to find their way through the jungle of ICT resources on the net and find language teachers, just like themselves, that will help them use the resources.

We are looking for two types of Associate Partners (in the downloadable document we describe the associate partner roles in depth):

1. Teachers of languages – interested in piloting the project and building your own PLN

2. Existing users of social networks to help mentor the teachers and help them build their PLN

Please download the document to understand more about the project and how you can be involved:

You can download the document from the link below


  1. I'd be very interested in finding out more about this, probably as a mentor. I was a EFL teacher for quite sometime but the last ten years have been involved in educational technology research (currently at the IOE, London).
    My current research involves mobile support for language learners in building and managing their personal learning environments (employing social, physical and digital resources).

  2. That's great, Josh - sounds like you'd be an ideal candidate - send off the form and you'll get more info