Sunday, September 06, 2009

Digital Play - a new blog

I've started a new blog with a colleague and friend, Kyle Mawer, called Digital Play, which you can find here:

The blog will specialise in collecting news, information and ideas for teachers who want to use computer games and other digital toys to help language learners in and out of class.

This is something that we both have been involved in for several years now, especially in our jobs as teachers of young learners. During this time, we have tried out different ideas of exploiting digital games with young learners of English and teenagers, and have introduced a lot of our colleagues to using these too. The interest has grown and now many of our colleagues turn to lesson plans and worksheets featuring online games when they have a computer room slot.

Of course, we have presented our ideas about using digital games at various conferences and have had articles and ideas published in various places too. The next, natural step seemed to be to set up a blog to help draw the ELT world's attention to what can be done. And so, Digital Play was born.

Hope to see some of you over there sometime.


  1. Hiya Graham,

    Great idea, really looking forward to reading you both there. One thing though, I've tried following your link and I'm getting a "page not found" error. Is this the right link?

    All the best and good luck!


  2. Thanks, Seth

    The link works, but I'm not sure about the RSS feed - I'll look into that tomorrow and set one up if necessary

  3. @Seth Dickens

    Try now, it's alreayok. Thanks for sharing though...

  4. Isobel3:57 pm

    I wonder if you have seen Viva Lexico's ELT board games?

    They are easy and fun to play in teams, pairs or alone, but the material is not run of the mill.Students really need to think but they really learn too!

    Free demos are available on

    Best of luck for your new blog, and may it encourage more teachers to use games!

    Isobel Fletcher de Tellez

  5. Nice blog you and your colleague Kyle in I've enjoyed playing the Halloween games.

  6. Thanks Isobel, and Learn English Online

  7. Thanks for the ESL Games...
    You have a lot of new games
    that I had never heard of before...
    One other good site is

    Good luck and keep on adding new games please!


  8. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts about using games in teaching..

  9. We have been in the business of developing games platforms for a number of years and it has really been very interesting to see in how many fields onlinge games can actually be very useful.

    Keep experimenting with it. Although there are some huge players out there is definitely place for growth and development in some of the "less commercialised" fields. Enjoy it.

  10. It is very nice idea. Since all are interesting in playing games, it is very easy to study different language through games. While playing games all the instructions are given in a language. For playing games children are listening to them well.