Monday, September 10, 2007

Webheads Tour Second Life #2



For anyone out there interested in meeting up in Second Life on Mondays, I thought it would be interesting to continue the tour of Real Cities we started last week.

We only got to visit two, and there are lots more that we can take a look at.

As the best part of last week's tour was having a guide speak us through it in Wonderful Denmark, I thought I could attempt to do something similar in..

* Barcelona
* Liverpool

and if anyone comes along who'd like to give a tour of another destination, please let us know. Here are some of the other cities I proposed visiting last week...

* Moscow
* Amsterdam
* Lisbon
* Brussels
* Dublin


Second Life has its fair share of Real Life cities that people have
created. Why build a recreation of a Real Life city in a virtual world
where what you build is confined only by your imagination? Do these
places attract native speakers from these countries and people
interested in learning the language associated with the cities? What
can you learn about culture from visiting these places?

Join us for the discussion tour and find out the answer to these
questions and more.

DATE/TIME : Monday, September 10, 2007 at 20:00:00 UTC time: =

MEETING PLACE: Meet at the Webheads hut at Edunation :

CONTACT: IM Baldric Commons for a teleport link if you're late

NOTE: If you activate the Second Life Voice Client before you come, you will get more out of this experience: In Second Life, go to Edit ->Preferences->Voice Chat and click on the box 'Enable Voice Chat' __._,_.___


  1. Hi There Graham,
    Well having re-stumbled across your excellent blog and the Webheads group this weekend while doing some research into RSS I'm excited to see so much interesting stuff going on.

    I'll definitely be there and I've forwarded the details of it to my colleagues who studied with me on a TCE course this spring. Looking forward to an interesting evening.

  2. That's great, Seth - look forward to seeing you and hopefully some of your colleagues there later

  3. Grham,

    Back in Germany. Are you meeting on Monday 24th September?