Thursday, November 17, 2005

Podcasting article

I've just had an article about podcasting published on the British Council / BBC website Teaching English.

When I first came across podcasting, I was more interested in podcasting as a way of providing extra listening material for students, but now I find I'm more attracted to the idea of publishing student work using podcasts. In the same way that students publishing a blog have to take into account an audience, students involved in creating a podcast also have to consider who is going to be listening. And the very fact that there is a real audience out there means they take more care when it comes to preparing the material and recording it than if it was solely meant to be listened to by their teacher.

I have started several podcasts, but the one I'm most enthusiastic about now is the Theme Tourism one.


  1. Hi Graham,
    I've recently started podcasting myself and decided to teach a small group of students before the Xmas break. One of them took to it and created his first podcast,
    It was great to see how focused he was on writing a good text and on his pronunciation. I think next year I'll be encouraging my students from day one. It's agreat complement to blogging.

  2. That sounds great Rosa. I've just listened to Yuki's podcast - it's great how he expresses himself spontaneously in it - an excellent example of how students can take to podcasting - thanks for sharing it with us