Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Young Learners : difference in attitude between technology use in and outside of school

Planning pedagogy for i-mode:

"It is often observed that a wide and widening gulf exists between the forms of literacy students engage in within school settings, and the manner in which they engage in them, and those they encounter in their worlds beyond school."

In their article based on a conference presentation in Melbourne last year, Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel discuss the hows and whys of the above.mentioned statement, and what uses today's teenagers use the emerging technologies for.

Amongst other things, they examine why in their experience emailing (which is so popular with teenagers outside of school) proved to be unpopular when used in school context.

The article also discusses weblogs, and divides them into four types based on use:

1. Weblogs which are used to link to other sites and which include commentary.
2. Journal weblogs
3. Hybrids (journals, which also include links with commentary)
4. Meta weblogs (such as blog-efl) which are weblogs about weblogs.

The authors also divide these into sub-categories. For example, the sub-categories of #1 are:

b) new filters
d) community blogs

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