Thursday, April 29, 2004

Blog Review

Jill's Blog review grade descriptions could easily be adapted for use with ESL/EFL classes if you set a blog review as an assignment.

Thanks to Anne Davis at Edublog insights for the lead.

In an earlier post, Anne states:

"We are using weblogs but in most cases our students are not blogging, per se. Our current educational system is not ready for that big of a leap, and we have much to teach our students before they can learn how to speak responsibly, yet forcefully. That's a whole other discussion so back to the writing focus. Weblogs are unique spaces for us to use in education. We can use weblogs with students to make writing THE focus. We can publish quickly. We can set up an audience for them. We can give them ownership and best of all we can give our students a rich and diverse array of writing experiences. It's a way we can make writing a joy and let our students know that their writing matters."

There has been much discussion lately about whether students are actually blogging, or is they are only blogging if it is made a compulsory feature of a course. I think the same as Anne does. Blogging is still in its infancy as an educational tool and deserves to be investigated. We all know (the Educational Blogging community at least) that the potential exists. We can feel it, sense it, otherwise we wouldn't be so interested in blogging with our students surely...

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