Friday, March 28, 2014

Harrogate Online registered bloggers: Mercedes Viola

Here's the last of my three Harrogate Online Registered Bloggers interviews, this time with Mercedes Viola, who I have known for many years online and have been able to meet up with in person several times since moving to Montevideo. I've always been impressed with just how dynamic she is, and how active and enthusiastic she is both online and in person.
Please introduce yourself
I’m Mercedes Viola, an English teacher from Uruguay, South America.
I’ve been running a language school for more than 20 years designing and implementing general English and business English learning experiences.
I’m a member of the IATEFL Electronic Committee and BESIG Joint Web coordinator.
If you want to know something more about me, you can visit this page
Could you give us brief details about your session at IATEFL 2014?
I’ll be talking about Ceibal en Ingles, a truly innovative English project in Uruguay. This project is being implemented by Plan Ceibal ( in partnership with the British Council. I’m leading a team of “remote teachers” and in this talk I´ll share what I’m learning from this experience. You can read more here
What should your audience expect to learn?
About this project, about new pedagogies, new ways of co-creating knowledge. I expect that, at least J
What areas of the conference are you interested in?
Difficult question! I’m a curious person and love learning new things, so it’s difficult to choose what sessions to attend. I’m interested in learning technologies, debates about new pedagogies, new methodologies, new ideas, business English.
What other aspects of the conference are you looking forward to?
Meeting people! I work a lot online and I don’t know most of the people I work with - the IATEFL team, the BESIG team. So, I’m really looking forward to meeting them in person, chat, and go for a drink.
Do you blog?
I do blog. I love technology and think it offers us the opportunity of sharing, sharing knowledge, images, ideas, music, anything. Blogging is one way of sharing.
Could you tell us about your blog(s)?
I have two blogs.
One blog is more “personal”, let’s say. I share music, quotes, poetries, photos – I’m an architect and as such I’ve been surrounded by images, photography. And I can I say, photography has been a passion since I was a teenager
The other one is about language teaching and learning. I mostly post about things that are happening in the ELT world. I don’t write that much, I use videos, images and words.

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