Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I've signed up for a free edublog and am now wondering why I didn't do this a long time ago.

It's a joy to use, and I'm sure I'll end up switching from Blogger, but for the meantime I'll run this blog and the other one, which I've named Blog-efl 2.0 in tandem.

I've tried...

...out other blogging hosts before, and have always returned to Blogger, but this time I can not only see the advantages of using these free Wordpress blogs myself, but also encouraging students to use them too. They are easy to use and have features (categories, for example) which Blogger doesn't have that are great for organisational purposes.

I'd always heard people talk about Wordpress and how comfortable and flexible this blogging tool was. I'd never tried it before because it was a paid service, but now with James Farmer's kind offer of Wordpress blogs for school students and higher education students, I can safely say that I'll be moving away from Blogger in the future.

edublogs and elgg.


  1. I just tried edublogs myself last week. Initially, I thought I would make the move from blogger to edublogs then and there, but I encountered a lot of bugs. Namely, although there is an option to open links in a new window, it doesn't work. Once the bugs are gone, I will probably switch.

  2. Interesting JH - I didn't come across any bugs myself, but then I've just started using it.